Prusa 3D Printer Hotend Upgrade with a Mosquito™

What parts do I need to upgrade a Prusa 3D printer with a Mosquito™ Hotend?

The Mosquito™ can work with the stock heater, thermistor, and fan that already come on your Prusa 3D printer. Therefore, to upgrade to a Mosquito™, all you would need is the hotend itself, some Boron Nitride thermal paste to properly seat the heater and thermistor, and a printable adapter to mount the hotend. You can find the correct adapter for your Prusa on our adapter page.

Alternatively, the Bondtech Upgrade Kit for Prusa i3 MK3S & MK2.5S Mosquito Fit offers a higher gear ratio extruder compared to the stock Prusa configuration and is made to fit the Mosquito™.