I would like to replicate your volumetric flow rate tests. Can I have the model used for testing?

I would like to replicate your volumetric flow rate tests. Can I have the model used for testing?

Yes, you can! The specific flow rate test model used is dependent on the diameter of the nozzle orifice. Each test uses an extrusion width equal to 150% of the nozzle orifice and a layer height equal to 80% of the nozzle orifice. While the height of each test model remains constant at 20 mm, the width of the model wall must be adjusted to compensate for the change in extrusion width. Each model will have a wall that is two times the extrusion width so that each layer will contain two extrusion tracks.

It's also possible in most slicers to cut the model in the Z axis to compensate for a lack of cooling/wobbly print once it gets further away from the bed. Just remember to adjust the process parameters so that there are still four different equal height processes if you are following the procedure outlined in our maximum volumetric flow rate testing for Mosquitoâ„¢ Magnum+. It's recommended to not cut the model shorter than 15 times the nozzle orifice. For example, a 0.8 mm nozzle should use at least a 12 mm tall test model.
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