Cleaning plastic residue from nozzles or hot blocks

I've got plastic residue all over my nozzle or hot block. How do I clean it off?

We recommend cleaning the Vanadium™ Nozzles and Mosquito® or Copperhead® Hot Blocks by either heating them up on your 3D printer or with a heat gun, then wiping off the plastic residue with a cotton swab. You can also bake off the residue in an oven or kiln (not one used for food consumption) at 400°C for an hourThe combustion gases must safely vent to a laboratory fume hood featuring HEPA and active carbon filtration because they're likely toxic.

We do not recommend using steel bristle brushes to clean Vanadium™ Nozzles, as they tend to leave behind material fragments that can generate rust on the surface of your nozzle. You can use a metal bristle brush, but then your nozzle will be ugly. And you will be sad.

To prevent plastic from adhering in the future, we recommend the use of our Plastic Repellent Paint™ which uses ninja-like chemistry to repel plastic from nozzles and hot blocks.