I'm experiencing stringing with my Mosquito™, Mosquito™ Magnum or Copperhead™ Hotend. What should I do?

I'm experiencing stringing with my hotend. What should I do?

Are you experiencing stringing with your Mosquito, Mosquito Magnum or Copperhead hotend?

There are multiple things that could cause excessive stringing. Several things to check first are:
1. Is your filament dry? Many filaments are highly hygroscopic, meaning they absorb water from the surrounding air. Filament should always be stored in a sealed bag or in a container with desiccant. Filament that is left out should be dried. Please refer to the filament manufacturer's recommendations for how to dry your filament.

2. Check your temperature settings - are you using the correct printing temperature for the material you have selected?

3. If you are using a steel nozzle, printing temperatures should be increased by 5-10°C to accommodate the lower thermal conductivity of the nozzle.

4. Retraction distance - have you tried calibrating your retraction distance? Too much or too little retraction can cause stringing. If you are still experiencing stringing issues after checking those things, please let us know.

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