Thermistor related firmware updates.

How do I update my firmware to be compatible with the Slice Engineering Thermistor?

450°C Thermistor

The 450°C Thermistor works natively with Marlin 2.0, Duet/RepRapFirmware, and Klipper.  Alternatively, you can find the Resistance-Temperature (RT) table on our Thermistor  page and do the upgrade yourself. This  instructional video  from our friend Chris Riley from Chris' Basement can also help demonstrate the process.

Marlin 2.0

Choose Thermistor #67 in Marlin 2.0.


Choose "Slice Engineering High-Temperature Thermistor" in the RepRapFirmware configurator. 


Use the following code when configuring your "printer.cfg" file.
sensor_type: SliceEngineering 450
Refer to documentation at PRIOR TO USE.

300°C Thermistor

The   300°C Thermistor  works natively with Marlin, Duet/RepRapFirmware, and Klipper. 


If you are compiling Marlin for use with the 300 °C Thermistor, make sure to choose the "100K thermistor - ATC Semitec 104NT-4-R025H42G". This is thermistor #5 in Marlin.


If you are using the 300 °C Thermistor with Duet/RepRapFirmware, you will need to create a custom thermistor preset using the configurator. Click the R25 value for the correct heater and there will be a pop-up. Open the thermistor preset drop-down menu and select custom. Here you will input the following temperatures and resistances to obtain the correct configuration parameters.

T1 = 25            R1 = 100000
T2 = 85            R2 = 9094
T3 = 300          R3 = 82.78

If you are not using the configurator and simply editing an existing configuration file, use the following values in your M305 or M308 command.

T100000 B4680 C6.455513e-8
Refer to documentation at or to configure your firmware PRIOR TO USE.


Use the following code when configuring your "printer.cfg" file.
sensor_type: ATC Semitec 104GT-2
Refer to documentation at PRIOR TO USE.