Installing the Mosquito™ or Copperhead™ hotend on my 3D printer

How do I go about installing a Mosquito™ or Copperhead™ on my 3D printer?

3D printers vary widely in their construction, but the Mosquito™ and Copperhead™ are designed to be modular and easy to adapt to just about any 3D printer. There are installation instructions and verified compatibility charts on each of the product pages. If your 3D printer isn't listed, don't fret! Let us know, and we should be able to walk you through the steps.
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    • Will I lose any functionality switching to a Mosquito™ Hotend?

      Not at all! But you will gain functionality in the One-Handed Nozzle Change™ and the long-term durability of the Mosquito™ Hotend.
    • I'm experiencing stringing with my Mosquito™, Mosquito™ Magnum or Copperhead™ Hotend. What should I do?

      There are multiple things that could cause excessive stringing. Several things to check first are: 1. Is your filament dry? Many filaments are highly hygroscopic, meaning they absorb water from the surrounding air. Filament should always be stored in ...
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