Applying Plastic Repellent Paint™: A Step-by-Step Guide

How Do I Apply Plastic Repellent Paint™?

Plastic Repellent Paint™ is super easy to apply. The vial comes with a brush top applicator that is used to paint the nozzle or hot block. 
  1. Open your vial of Plastic Repellent Paint™
  2. Use the brush top applicator in the lid to brush or "paint" a clean nozzle or hot block on which you would like to prevent plastic adhesion
    1. NOTE: please apply the Plastic Repellent Paint™ at room temperature. NOT at printing temperatures. Application of the Plastic Repellent Paint™ at elevated temperatures will result in its vaporization, and you will need to reapply it after the surface cools down. 
  3. Let the Plastic Repellent Paint™ dry by letting it set for 60-90 seconds. It will cure when you heat the hotend to printing temperatures.
  4. Return to business as usual, confident in the knowledge that Plastic Repellent Paint™ has your back, and is fighting off plastic like a ninja. 

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