Hotend clogging

Help! I've got a clog in my hotend! What do I do now?

All hotends can clog at times, and all-metal hotends can be more prone to clogging with PLA. There are "cleaning filaments" that can help to remove small clogs and debris.

The simplest way to clear a clog in the heat break of any all-metal hotend is to perform a cold pull or atomic pull.

If that doesn't work, the Mosquito® and Copperhead® Hotends have been designed with high-temperature materials in mind. It's possible to incinerate the residue of most printed plastics adhered to our hot blocks, heat breaks, and nozzles in a kiln set to 500°C.  The combustion gases must safely vent to a laboratory fume hood featuring HEPA and active carbon filtration because they're likely toxic.  Discoloration of metal surfaces will occur.  Never perform this procedure in a kitchen oven or with any equipment used for food preparation.  Performing this procedure on any components besides those listed above will result in their destruction. Please do not burn yourself.