Heat Break Insulator

Heat Break Insulator

The Mosquito® Magnum Hotend comes fitted with a custom composite ceramic heat break insulator. The insulation provided by this part extends the melt zone of the Mosquito® Magnum and increases print speeds. Unlike our metal components, the ceramic material that makes up this part is very fragile and will easily crack or crumble under undue force.  

Warning: Due to this composition, we strongly recommend taking extreme care any time you handle the insulator. Special attention should be paid to the handling of this part whenever disassembling or reassembling your hotend. 

The insulator is machined to slide on and off the heat break bushing with ease, so you should not have to apply force to the insulator during the process. A light touch is all it takes! However, as there are occasionally slight variations in diameter, you may find that the insulator does not slide as easily as we describe. In this case, we recommend gently rotating the insulator as you guide it down to meet the bushing of the heat break.

You should not use any tools in an attempt to install or remove the insulator. If you are in a situation where you believe tools are necessary, please reach out to Slice support before doing so to be sure we do not have an alternate solution.

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