GammaMaster® Nozzles: Unmatched Durability with Limited Lifetime Warranty

GammaMaster® Limited Lifetime Warranty

With the purchase of each GammaMaster Nozzle, the buyer is entitled to a Limited Lifetime Warranty against abrasive wear with widely commercially available filaments such as glass and carbon fiber filled. This warranty is non-transferable and extends only to the original purchaser.

  1. The warranty applies exclusively to nozzle wear, specifically the nozzle’s geometry, and does not cover GammaMaster’s Low Gamma™ coating. The anti-adhesive coating is subject to wear over time, particularly with the extended use of highly abrasive filaments. However, the nozzle geometry should remain unchanged. 

  2. This warranty does not cover damage incurred by misuse, alterations, accidents, or improper installation.

  3. It is important to note that the GammaMaster substrate is rated up to 500°C. If the nozzle temperature exceeds this threshold, the warranty will not apply. 

  4. The warranty covers widely commercially available, non-exotic filaments, both abrasive and non-abrasive. Exotic filaments include Glow-in-the-Dark filaments using Strontium Aluminate, Zinc Sulfide, and Calcium Sulfide, as well as those filled with diamond powder, tungsten, tungsten carbide, boron, boron nitride, and boron carbide. This list is not exhaustive, and Slice Engineering reserves the right to evaluate abrasive printing materials to determine if they qualify as "widely commercially available."

  5. If the buyer qualifies for a replacement GammaMaster Nozzle, they are entitled to only one replacement nozzle of the same geometry and orifice size.