International shipping

Do you ship internationally?

We ship internationally to over 20 countries! To check if we ship to your country, please visit If you don't see your country listed on this page, please visit our Resellers page to find a reseller that is near you that can ship to you.

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    • The tracking page for my order hasn't been updated in awhile. It looks like my order has stopped shipping. What happened?

      We're sorry to hear that the tracking page isn't being updated. This could occur for a couple of reasons: 1. USPS doesn't deliver directly outside the United States. So, once a USPS International order clears US customs, it is handed off to your ...
    • COVID-19 Updates

      Despite the pandemic, we remain fully operational and are following standard safety guidelines provided by the CDC. We hope everyone remains safe and healthy during this difficult time. Hours of Operation We are operating during our normal business ...
    • I think my package is lost/has not been delivered

      Please check the order status page for your shipment. At times shipping carriers may lose shipments. If this occurs, please file a missing mail report with the shipping carrier, and then contact us.
    • Filament Drying Desiccant Usage Instructions

      Gather the materials you will need: the Filament Drying Desiccant canister a spool of filament that needs to be dried (spoiler alert, all spools need to be dried! Even many of the ones you just took out of the packaging) a storage container of some ...