Copperhead G2 Heat Break update

Copperhead G2 Heat Break update

We have had product updates to the Copperhead lineup.
  1. The Copperhead Heat Break - Standard has increased in length by 3 mm. This allows for the shaft collar on the Raise3D E2 and Pro2 machines to better grip the cold side shank of the heat break. The new version of the Standard Heat Break is called G2, as in Copperhead Heat Break - Standard G2. The function of the heat break will not be affected. 
  2. The Standard Heat Break also fits the Copperhead Heat Sink. So the Heat Sinks are updated with a 3 mm deeper bore. The new versions of the Copperhead Heat sinks have updated product labels and descriptions. The product names are Copperhead Heat Sink - Groove Mount G2 and Copperhead Heat Sink - Screw Mount G2. The G2 heat sinks are identical with the exception of the bore length. G1 heat breaks will still fit the G2 heat sinks. 
  3. Combining the Copperhead G1 Standard Heat Break with Copperhead G2 Heat Sinks and visa-versa will still function. However, the user experience will be impacted. In the first configuration, the G1 heat break will slide into the G2 heat sink more than it is supposed to and may make installing a PTFE tube more difficult. In the second configuration, the G2 heat break will stick out from the G1 heat sink and won't look right. In this case the z-offset may also need adjustment before printing. 

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