How do I get sponsored by Slice Engineering?

Seeking Sponsorship from Slice Engineering

At Slice Engineering, we're passionate about supporting innovation and excellence in 3D printing. Our sponsorship efforts focused on projects and initiatives that align with our core values and areas of interest. We are motivated by projects that enrich our local community, contribute to engineering education, and support veterans and their families. We also love to see innovative uses of our products in solving real-world problems. 

How to Request Sponsorship
If you are part of a team or project working directly in these areas and would like our help, we have created a sponsorship form for you to fill out
here. This form will ask for your contact information, what kind of support you need (financial assistance or donation of products), and a brief proposal. The proposal should be clear, concise, comprehensive, and include the following:
  • An introduction of yourself, your team, or your organization.

  • An overview of your project goals, relevance to our focus areas, and what makes your project unique

  • The expected outcomes of your project and how you plan to acknowledge sponsorship support.

  • Any relevant timelines or milestones.

  • How you plan to measure success.

What Happens Next?
After receiving your proposal, our team will review it to assess its alignment with our sponsorship criteria and overall impact. Due to the volume of requests we receive, this process can take some time. We appreciate your patience and will communicate our decision as soon as possible. While we cannot sponsor every request, we carefully consider each proposal and look for opportunities to contribute to meaningful and impactful projects.

A note for influencers and content creators:
If you are seeking sponsorship for a project, video, or event please check out our Affiliate Program. We do not typically sponsor content creators without an established relationship and proven track record through this program.

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