Small Metal Dowel Pin - What is it Used For? | Slice Engineering

What is the small piece of metal that comes with the temperature sensors used for?

This small piece of metal is a dowel pin. It is used to fill in the extra space in the thermistor slot on the hot block. Since the thermistor is shorter than the slot, the dowel pin is used to fill in this extra space and keep the thermistor in place.

It is recommended to do this in conjunction with Boron Nitride Paste. A common procedure for doing this is:
  1. Screw in one of the retaining screws on the hot block
  2. Insert the dowel pin into the slot
  3. Apply paste inside the remaining space of the sensor hole in the hot block and on the outside of the temperature sensor as shown here:
  4. Insert the temperature sensor into the hole
  5. Wipe away any excess Boron Nitride Paste that came out of the hole
  6. Screw in the other retaining screw on the opposite end