RE: The Monoprice Make Select Plus

RE: The Monoprice Make Select Plus


I took apart the printer. I was surprised to find that the MK10 nozzle on this printer had a larger inner diameter compared to other MK10 nozzles. Once I figured out why or for what reasoning they had to make the ID larger on the nozzle, I was then able to finalize on an idea...

1. I think your MK10 hotends will work on my current printer.
a. I am using the Monoprice Maker Select Plus
2. I think making some MK10 nozzles would be helpful for people like me.
b. If enough people were on board w/ this type of nozzle

I am going to purchase the Copperhead for this upgrade in the form of MK10. I found another USA MFG. that produces the MK10 nozzles at 0.4mm, 0.6mm, and another size at 0.8mm.

Anyway, I will give an update once the part arrives and the build is finished.


P.S. Do you think that your MK10 hotend Copperhead would take your hotends or would I need to look elsewhere for the MK10 styled nozzles?