Older Model Printers/PrintrBot 1403 Simple Metal and Copperhead

Older Model Printers/PrintrBot 1403 Simple Metal and Copperhead


I am fitting new ideas to an older model printer. I have a PrintrBot 1403 Simple Metal. I am mechanically changing it slowly and adding in more options for larger builds.

I had come across this company, Slice Engineering, b/c I wanted a few parts and parts that are engineered and mfg. in the states. Luckily, Slice is around!


About this printer. I used to use Ubis Hotends. Their company has gone under or changed name or no longer builds their hotends.

Anyway, I chose Slice. 

My current configuration has a Capacitive Sensor for handling homing and height based interactions.

So, I guess this is it...

Does Slice handle longer Heatbreaks that can be used to lengthen the physical/mechanical parts of the entire Copperhead?


P.S. Also, I removed a section on the top of the Copperhead that seemed to be plastic. Was this necessary or should I have left it on the top of the hotend? I am just asking for next time when I purchase something else. The part is already in the trash and gone. Dang it.